View results for all patients


For customers in North America on version 4.13 and later only.

Use this window to view results for all patients. Click Directory of Services  in this window to view and manage diagnostic products.

  1. On the menu, click your name and then click Diagnostics. The results for all patients for the last 7 days are listed.
  2. You can use the fields at the top of the list to filter it and narrow your search:
    • Change the date range and click Go. By default, the last 7 days are shown.
    • Select the status (All, Partial, Ordered, or Final).
    • Select the source (All, IDEXX Reference Laboratories, Unknown, etc.).
  3. To view source details for a specific test, including the vet who ordered the test and the requisition number, click the View Details link in the Source
  4. Click the test name or the view  button to expand the row and view result details.
  5. To view the order when it’s in a Partial or Ordered status, click the menu button  and click View Consultation.
    Note: If this was originally an unmatched order, this menu is not available.

Watch a short video of this process:

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