Order diagnostic products


For customers in North America on version 4.13 and later only.

You have to activate diagnostic products before you can place diagnostic orders.

  1. Open a consultation (new or draft). You can add an order to an estimate but you have to change it to a consultation to place the order.
  2. In the Product/Service area, start entering the name of the diagnostic product to order, and then select it from the results that appear.
    Note: If a diagnostic product is included in a procedure template, the product automatically appears on the consultation when the procedure template is added.
  3. Ensure the correct veterinarian is selected. If you use multiple laboratory IDs, you can also change the ID.
  4. Optional: If you need to remove a product, click the trash can button  before you place the order. If you place the order you must call IDEXX Reference Laboratories to cancel it. You cannot remove the product from the consultation once it’s been ordered—change the price to zero to ensure the client isn’t charged.
  5. Click Order Diagnostics.
  6. Selected tests products appear in the IDEXX Diagnostics Confirmation window. Search for and add any additional tests.
  7. If add-on products are available for a specific product, click Add-ons Available to view and order those products.
  8. Click Notes/Instructions to enter additional information about the order. You can copy and paste notes from the main window.
  9. Click Order. The consultation is saved and a confirmation appears in the message bar.
  10. Print the order form from the window that opens in your browser.
  11. All ordered diagnostic products are added to the Product/Service area, and the requisition number appears below the product name.
  12. Click the plus sign next to the product name to view its details.
  13. The trash can button  is replaced with a menu button  — click to view or print the order form.

Note: If you close the VetConnect PLUS window before you place the order, it does not delete diagnostic products from the consultation.  To remove the products from the consultation, click the trash can button .  To defer the order so you can place it later, leave the diagnostic product  on the consultation.

Watch a short video of this process:

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