Manage species, breeds, and genders


For customers in North America on version 4.13 and later only.

If your practice uses its own terms for species, breeds, and genders (sex), you must map them to IDEXX Reference Laboratories values. It can take up to 24 hours for the initial reference data to become available.

  1. On the menu, click your name and then click Administration.
  2. In the System Admin area, click IDEXX Diagnostics.
  3. Click Manage Species, Breeds, and Genders.
  4. Click the tab to map (Species, Breeds, Sex).
  5. Click Show [number]unmapped to view only the unmapped items.
  6. The list on the left shows your practice’s values. In the corresponding field on the right, search for and select the corresponding IDEXX value. Your changes are saved automatically.

Watch a short video of this process:

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