Connect IDEXX VetConnect PLUS


For customers in North America on version 4.13 and later only.

Before you can connect to IDEXX Diagnostics, you must have an IDEXX VetConnect PLUS account—you’ll need your account and download credentials.

  1. On the menu, click your name and then click Administration.
  2. In the System Admin area, click IDEXX Diagnostics.
  3. Under Account Credentials, enter your IDEXX VetConnect PLUS account information.
  4. Under Download Credentials, enter your download (VC/Agent) information.
  5. Click Connect. A confirmation message appears in the message bar. The IDEXX Directory of Services is downloaded so you can view and activate diagnostic products, as well as IDEXX reference data for species, breeds, and genders. It can take up to 24 hours for this information to become available.


  • The IDEXX Reference Laboratories account you use with VetConnect PLUS is used by default. If you’d like to add more reference lab accounts, click the link in the manage your IDs area below the credentials area.
  • If your VetConnect PLUS account has multiple IDEXX Reference Laboratory IDs, you must add at least one ID in the section that appears.

Watch a short video of this process:

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