Best Practises


Here are a few ideas to look at when considering how to optimise your BeeFree experience. You should be able to find help on these things by searching here in our help system. Let us know if you have any questions

  • Regularly check the 'Draft Invoices' number from your Dashboard. Draft invoices don't show up in your financials and may result in missed billing
  • Configure a New Patient Id / New Client Id product to optimise workflows for new clients: for example to print out a welcome letter on a client's first visit
  • Check Stuck Emails  / Messages regularly from your dashboards. Missed communication with clients due to missing or invalid emails / phone numbers could result in missed appointments or follow ups.
  • Use Auto Reminders. Automatic reminders will send out email and sms reminders regularly so that you don't need to remember to do this. Reminders will help you increase your customer's recall rates. This feature is available starting with the 'Bee-Efficient' package.
  • Use Procedure Templates. Regular procedures should be pre-configured using Procedure Templates. This way you can create pre-defined workflows and help reminder your vets to bill for all the dispensed products during a procedure.
  • Learn how to use the Purchase Orders module. This really helps to optimise your receipting of goods and helps to maintain proper stock controls.
  • Make sure everyone in your practise are using their own user names and passwords. This is important to ensure security and auditability of consultations.
  • Try out the new Appointments screen. If you haven't already, turn it on by setting your branch settings 'Legacy Style Appointments' to no
  • If you send SMSs a lot to clients, and you want to bypass the usual multi-step SMS approval, you can speed things up by setting 'Send Sms Immediately' to yes
  • Use the 'Notes Autocomplete' feature. This feature allows you to speed up typing of consultation notes by creating shortcut words which will auto complete.


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