Print a History


Print a history to send to another veterinarian or an insurer or to a client.


Print a history from CloudSwirl on Vimeo.


When printing histories you may want to have a specific header for the document for two common scenarios:

  • To send a clinical history to another vet or specialist: To customize this header, simply edit the document called "__consult_history_header__" by going to Administration > Forms and Certificates.
    This header will then appear when you print a history from the Patient Details > Consultation History tab.
  • To print a clinical history for the owner: This would occur if you annotate things like a health check list that you then than described above. To do this, the steps are exactly the same, but you need to edit the document called "__note__."
    This header will then appear when you print it out of the Consultation or Invoicing screens.
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