IDEXX Lablink Configuration


Instructions on how to get IDEXX Lablink integration setup in BeeFree.

IDEXX Lablink integration allows lab results to be integrated as PDFs back into BeeFree against patients files. 

LabLink Setup from CloudSwirl on Vimeo.



  • You need to get IDEXX to install LabLink on one of your practise machines.
  • Generally you want to get IDEXX to configure LabLink to transfer results from both LabStation and IDEXX Reference Labs (through vetconnect). They should be able to get this working

One you have everything from IDEXX - follow the video instructions. Key points are:

  • Ensure IDEXX has access to the Google Drive directory. Syncing Google Drive to c:\BeeFree is probably best.
  • IDEXX LabLink PIMS - PDF File name should be set to: {0}_{3}_{4}
  • IDEXX LabLink PIMS - File Receive Folder should be set to something like: c:\BeeFree\NAME OF Device - Results
  • BeeFree IDEXX Device needs to be configured with the following setting for the Regular expression: /([0-9]*)_.*.pdf/ - if you change the previous PDF File name setting, then this will need to be changed.


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