Setting up Teamviewer so that we can assist you


Teamviewer setup - BeeFree

To be able to remotely access your computers if they are unattended we have created a TeamViewer account.
Here are some basic instructions so you know how to help set up teamviewer on your computers.
2.Get the customer to go to the teamviewer page and download 'Teamviewer Host' - for unattended access. At the time of writing this was at :
3. They can just 'OK' through the default installation, then they get the 'setup unattended access' wizard
4. Here they define the comport name, which they can leave as the default, and a password, which they will have to remember and tell you:
5. Next, they don't have to set up a Teamviewer account, they wont need one:
6. Next they get given an ID number, they will have to tell you this also:
7. And finally they just confirm the same ID number:


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