Report Invoices for Accounting - GST reconciliation


There is a much cheaper solution to get a report for all invoices for your accountant with corresponding invoice numbers and client information, you do not need the most expensive package. You just need the second level package 'medium'.
Then go to administration >> reports
Two thirds down there is one called GST reconciliation - this is the one commonly used for this purpose.

Click on the report, and select the appropriate date range (as required by your accountants), scroll down and click 'run analysis'.
You will then have the option to download 2 spreadsheets, GST on cash or on accrual basis.
This will list all the invoice numbers, the total and the tax component.

If there is a lot of write offs on your system, these should be deleted from the report as currently they show a zero GST component and it should actually cancel out the invoice component, so if you sort the spreadsheet by payment method and delete all the write offs, the tax calculation will be correct.

The other thing your accountant may ask is why the invoice numbers are not incremental (numbers missing), this is normal for the system as it tags both invoices, payments and other transaction types with the same numbers, so there is nothing missing, just the way the system numbers.

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