Counter Sales


To create a counter sale:

Your practice may have a default counter sale patient for all counter sales or you may need to select a patient. 

  1. In the Patient list:
    Use the default counter sale patient.
    Select or search for a different patient.
  2. In the Product/Service field, start typing the name or code for the product and select the product you want from the list.
  3. Adjust the quantity and price if necessary.
  4. Add any additional items and notes.
  5. Click Save Counter Sale.
  6. In the Take Payment window, enter the amount tendered and select the payment type.
  7. Click Take Payment.
  8. In the confirmation bar, click to print the invoice. 


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More about counter sales

If a client wants to buy products from your clinic such as dog or cat food, you can create a counter sale.

Counter sales are great for when you want to make a quick transaction.
To perform a counter sale, you will need to find the patient you are doing it for, then enter the products they are wanting to buy. From there you can click "Save Counter Sale" and it will take you to an instant payment screen.

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