How to add a second branch


Please contact support to create a second or extra branch as you cannot do this yourself through the Bee Free interface. Please note that additional branches may increase your monthly subscription fees.

Please read the information below carefully to decide if it is better to set up a second branch or to have a completely separate Bee Free database set up:

If your Bee Free is integrated with your accounting software:
The following needs consideration, speak to your accountant:
Are the 2 clinics reporting as a single business for tax purposes or are they 2 different businesses? This will influence your xero integration because if they are 2 different businesses then you need a separate accounting file/xero database. If they are the same business for tax purposes, then you will continue using your current xero file aggregated for both.
This will probably be the only complicated aspect, and as we are only familiar with tax reporting in Australia, please check with your accountant there as to what would be the most appropriate scenario and the easiest for them and most tax efficient for you.

The multi branch allows client information to be accessed by all branches so the folowing scenarios can be dealt with without creating duplicate records:
1. client from branch 1 goes to branch 2 for emergency or internal referral
2. client from branch 1 goes to branch 2 as above but then comes back to branch 1 to pay.
In both these instances, records are always up to date at both branches as effectively the branches 'share' the same patient record.
This is an important factor to consider because it means patient records are 'visible' across all branches. This is desirable in 90% on set ups because it allows the multiple branches to share staff resources and dramatically reduces time spent on administration tasks.
However in the rare instance it is sometimes requested that multiple branches cannot access all patient records. In this instance, it is better to have a completely seperate Bee Free database set up and run the two businesses indepenently.

Regarding stock - in multi branch setups we will simply use the branch inventory sync tool and the prices and fees will be identical at both branches. Then going forwards, you just maintain prices at branch one and use the sync tool once a week/month to sync the prices to the second branch if you want to. This makes keeping price updates easier as there is then no double handling.
So it is important to note that branches run completely seperate stock systems and can have independent pricing. But in the event of you wanting to keep all prices consistent across all branches, then this is easily achieved using the branch sync tool as administration >> sync branch products .

Regarding forms and documents - both clinics will share the same forms and documents meaning that you only have to maintain one set of correspondences. The system will then apply logic to display the correct logo, address headers and telephone numbers by looking at the client who is addressed in the document and then bringing in their 'preferred' branch as variables.

Regarding reminder systems - branches have a communal reminder system so that all brnches can access all reminder lists. This is desirable in 90% of set ups because it means administration of reminders can be centralised thus considerably reducing the amount of work required to maintain reminders. This means that all clients from all branches will receive the same reminder letters with the same content in the BODY of the letter. Headers and sender information however on all documents is tagged with the clients 'preferred' branch.
In instances where significantly different letters and text messages are required, this can still be achieved using the Bee Free multi branch system but creating different reminder categories for each branch, for example: 'annual vaccination branch 1' and 'annual vaccination branch 2' .


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